Vaccine Control Group: Scientific Study (2022)

Vaccine Control Group: Scientific Study (2022)


Vaccine Control Group: Scientific Study

The Vaccine Control Group is a crucial independent scientific study initiated in order to gather data about the efficacy, side effects, and general information about the results of the mass-injecting of the new revolutionary technology.

Fact-check: This is a legitimate scientific control group recognized by medical professionals.

Vaccine Control Group: Mission

The Vaccine Control Group is composed of a team of passionate individuals, working together as a cooperative, to staunchly defend our inalienable rights to freedom of choice and bodily integrity. Through the Control Group's website and associated forums, the Vaccine Control Group provides a platform where all members can maintain their health data and unite with a like-minded community to remain informed and empowered.

As a cooperative, the project is funded by its valued worldwide associates, who are encouraged to guide the group in steering this project forward and expanding ways that the group can legally protect our freedoms and prevent medical discrimination. The group is doing this with love to protect the future of families, children, friends, neighbors, and all of humanity.

Vaccine Control Group: About

The phase one and two SARS-CoV-2 vaccine trial participants have now mostly been vaccinated – so where will the scientists find long-term safety data for the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations?

Citizens do the science

The Vaccine Control Group founders have taken it into their own hands to design a scientific Control Group by bringing together the voluntarily unvaccinated and asking them to record their health outcomes over the next 30 years. This data, which will NOT include names or addresses, will be made available for comparison against data from vaccinated cohorts (requests for data will need to be approved by the group's Ethics Panel).

Unlike many media outlets, and "fact-check websites", the Vaccine Control Group is not affiliated with any pharmaceutical corporation.

The Vaccine Control Group records:

Medical data (including new and ongoing medical conditions, pregnancy outcomes, fertility, etc…), Blood group, and Discrimination (participants will be able to record companies that discriminate against them).

Everyone joining the study will receive a digital ID card that can be shown in shops, venues, and educational institutions as proof of participation.

Become an Associate and Support the Vaccine Control Group's Work

You can become an Associate of the Control Group Cooperative Ltd (CG Coop) with an ongoing subscription of £6 per quarter and join with like-minded people from all over the world in supporting the project and its community because. All Associates receive free, plastic ID cards for themselves and their dependents.

The Control Group is a community cooperative, for the people. All funds will be re-invested into the project and its community.

Who Can Join The Group?

Volunteers for this study are welcome from around the world, providing they have not yet received any of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations and are not planning to do so.

However, parents/guardians who have had a SARS-CoV-2 jab, but wish to add their unvaccinated dependants can create a record to add them.

  • The registration form will ask about your previous vaccination history, in order to provide a comprehensive study.
  • There are no restrictions in terms of age or existing health conditions and this information will form part of the reporting objectives.

How Is Data Privacy Protected?

All data collated from this study will be anonymously compiled into a data warehouse and made available to independent researchers. Your identity will remain separate from any data that is shared in respect of this study. We restrict personal data captured to only broad data points such as birth year and birth month, or city, region, and country.


The Vaccine Control Group is a crucial and legitimate scientific study which you can join in order to help scientists understand the long-term effects of the new injectable technology, having a controlled group of people who have not been injected is absolutely essential in order to have accurate and precise data about the ongoing worldwide pharmaceutical experiment.

This kind of group is ever so important when we take into consideration the fact that a minority of globally dictating institutions is trying to monopolize facts, and truth, by silencing, and censoring other scientists who offer new methods, and question their narrative, this is the absolute opposite of what science is, and we cannot allow a minority of individuals to control and dictate their will upon everybody else, especially, when that minority of individuals has dodgy connections and interests.



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  1. M Toner says:


    I would like more information on this study and am interested in joining this grooup as I and my son have not been vaccinated and do not intend to do so in the future. Please forward more info as to registering for this study.

    Thank you.

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